Retailers At Money20/20

What’s In It For You?

You may be thinking, I’m a retailer – this financial services, fintech-y type event isn’t for me.

We (politely) beg to differ.

Let’s recap:

  • A ruthless retail landscape – it’s practically the Hunger Games out there.
  • A fickle, educated consumer that wants experience, convenience, security, and speed.
  • And obviously they want it now – or 3 a.m., on whatever platform they choose.

How do you survive, much less thrive?

In an increasingly complex money ecosystem, retailers can no longer go it alone.

Fintech and payment innovation are fueling the holy grail that is a seamless customer journey where one can buy anything, anywhere, anyhow (oh so easily), and have it delivered where, when, how one likes.

Our show floor has seen Walgreens and Google’s Wing Aviation launch on-demand drone deliveries. Amazon, Tesco, Sam’s Club, 7-Eleven – all have launched checkout-less stores powered by machine learning, facial recognition, IoT, and payments technology. H&M and ASOS are reinventing ‘buy now, pay later’ with their Klarna tie-up. Jumia, Souq and Mercado Libre have built their own payments systems.

Convenience? ✓
Experience? ✓
Speed? ✓

These trends are accelerating, and as offline and online shopping become increasingly intertwined and the experience across platforms homogenized, customers will expect seamless shopping as the norm. This norm cannot be facilitated for retailers without the data, insights, technology, and platforms that fintech, financial services, and payment companies provide.

Partnerships are critical to achieving customer-centricity.

Money20/20 brings retailers into the money ecosystem – giving you access to cutting-edge intelligence and enabling you to find the partners needed to take your businesses forward.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Data/Insights Officers
  • Chief Transformation Officers
  • Chief Customer Officers
  • Innovation Directors
  • E-commerce Directors
  • Heads of Digital

Let's Talk Numbers

Leading Companies
7 in 10
Are Decision Makers
Industry-Leading Speakers
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Nitty Gritty Of Who Attends

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