The speed at which money is changing is being led by the most fearless pioneers at the forefront of a revolution. We celebrate and welcome the industry insurgents who are working hard to redefine and create the future of money.

With lean budgets in mind, we've created the Startup Pass to make it easier for you get to the centre of action at Money20/20. This pass has all the same incredible benefits as our Standard Pass, but is start-up-friendly.

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To qualify you need to be:

  • A company that is up to 3 years old - a “growth startup” to qualify for the $550 rate
  • A company that is 4 to 5 years old - an “established startup” to qualify for the $750 rate
  • Any company that is 6 years old or older is no longer a startup and does not qualify
  • Subsidiaries of another business are excluded