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Money20/20 USA launched the Money20/20 Startup Network

Seven incredible Fintech Industry Disruptors Unveiled in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV-- (October 24, 2023) -- Money20/20, the world’s leading fintech show, and the place where money does business, announced the inaugural class of the Money20/20 Startup Network at its Las Vegas show, on Oct 23rd.

Money20/20 has always supported startups at the heart of the fintech community, but this is the first time Money20/20 has officially chosen a group of companies it believes will revolutionize the world of money.

They may not be the most famous or most obvious. But Money20/20 believes that they’re ready to create new categories and fundamentally impact the wider world of fintech.

Each member of the inaugural class has been evaluated across a number of key criteria, including:

  • Utility - They demonstrate an intuitive understanding of a problem not being solved
  • Founder Market Fit - They are (or they have on staff) THE top expert in their chosen field and have demonstrated an ability to execute
  • Creative Destruction / Disruptive - They’re actively creating new categories or new category entry points
  • Counterintuitive - And most importantly, they’re doing something counterintuitive - something outside the norm - and breaking boundaries as they do

“*We are thrilled to announce seven startups with huge potential in gigantic markets founded by extraordinary founders,” said Zach Anderson Pettet, US Content Director at Money20/20. “Each one of these companies not only represents an important piece of the digital finance landscape, but a number of them will have reach beyond finance. Fintech companies don’t look how they did in years past - these seven are all poised to add real value in a sustainable manner that doesn’t only encompass burning huge VC dollars, but building real businesses.” *

The seven inaugural member of the Money20/20 Startup Network are:

Kamino – included for reimagining banking and corporate credit cards for small and mid-sized businesses. Growing companies face difficulties in financial organization, resulting in decentralized and disorganized information. Kamino automates and centralizes payments without complications.

*“Kamino is pleased to be recognized by Money20/20 as one of the seven most exciting fintechs in the Americas, representing LatAm in their inaugural Startup Network cohort. This acknowledgment underscores our dedication to providing the premier Spend Management Platform for SMBs in the region,” *said Gonzalo Parajo Navajas, Founder and CEO of Kamino.

TodayPay – included for revolutionizing the way customers can receive refunds on their purchases. The company’s CEO, Jeremy Balkin, recently unveiled their coming out of stealth following two years of preparation.

"This is the world’s most important fintech show. It is a true honor to present here on this stage. The speed of a payment can change someone's life," said Jeremy Balkin, Founder & CEO of TodayPay.* "That's why I built TodayPay - to democratize consumer payment acceptance for everyone,everywhere." *

Themis – included for improving compliance and risk management tools for banks and fintechs.

"We are honored and excited to be announced as part of the Money20/20 2023 Startup Network cohort . Themis is committed to accelerating partnerships and creating tools that make compliance and risk management easier and more collaborative for both banks and fintechs. We thank Money20/20 for this fantastic opportunity and for giving us an amazing platform to reach so many in the industry to help solve the real pain points of regulatory compliance," Neepa Patel, Founder, CEO, Themis.

Skipify – included for its game changing Digital Wallet connects merchants, shoppers and financial institutions in a previously unimaginable manner.

“Money20/20 has been a spectacular catalyst for the entire Fintech ecosystem. As an event, it’s invaluable to attend. Seeing them now expand into additional products is so exciting," said Founder & CEO of Skipify, Ryth Martin. "We started Skipify to build a more open Digital Wallet to support and grow the success of the entire ecosystem. These same shared values are what makes Money20/20 such a great partner for us, and for so many others."

Ansa – included for its payments platform that lowers payments costs while increasing transaction value for business. Their “wallet-as-a-service platform” embeds consumer balances that allows merchants to process small payments and offset high credit card fees on small transactions.

“Money2020 has been a huge part of Ansa’s founding. In 2021, I’d just left my job to start a company and was hunting for a Co-Founder. The people I met here led me to my now Co-Founder and CTO, JT Cho. The following year, we were heads down, building in stealth, and the network we’d built through Money2020 helped us build. This year, we’re out of stealth, live with customers, and excited to share with everyone what we’ve been up to,” said Sophia Goldberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Ansa.

TripleBlind – included for offering an unrivaled level of data privacy and security without hindering the ability to employ cutting edge AI strategies. Their technology instills clients with a level of confidence in their data security to better train and deploy AI models.

*"The financial industry is being transformed by AI. This will fuel $5T in value creation by 2030, but only if we create a responsible marketplace of AI models and data that ensures privacy and trust of all stakeholders. TripleBlind's mission is to unlock this opportunity with automatic end-to-end privacy.*” said Prat Moghe, CEO.

Hypercard – included for launching the first ever consumer credit card powered by employers. This revolutionary new card is transforming company financing by offering instant expense management, access to benefits and high perk adoption.

"For over a year, our team has been quietly crafting the first consumer credit card powered by employers. The privilege to reveal our vision at Money20/20 was a business defining opportunity that gave us a stronger platform than traditional media to break the news on our fundraise, our burgeoning partnerships, and our impressive client traction.” said Mark Baghadjioan, Co-Founder and CEO of Hypercard.

About Money20/20

Founded in 2011, Money20/20 creates destination shows where the most innovative people in payments, fintech, and the broader financial services industry connect. Famed for their high-impact networking, the USA edition, held in Las Vegas (27-30 October 2024) and the Europe edition, held in Amsterdam (4-6 June 2024), are regarded as the place where money does business by fintech and financial services professionals. Money20/20 also recently launched an Asia edition, due to run in Bangkok on 23-25 April 2024, and Twentyfold, a digital intelligence product containing the deepest and widest repository of fintech startup data in the world. Money20/20 is the space where the industry's smartest visionaries and innovators come together to create the future of money. Money20/20 is an Ascential show.

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