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Secure Your Infrastructure To Maintain Customers’ Trust

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Convene with other industry leaders for a closed-door roundtable: Secure Your Infrastructure To Maintain Customers’ Trust

The event takes place on October 26 9-10am EST.

Space is limited, register today.

Session details

With data breaches and ransomware attacks are on the rise, securing your enterprise is more complex than ever.

Banks need to adopt AI and predictive modeling to keep up with progressively more sophisticated hackers, while at the same time build resilience and speeding recovery when breaches do occur. Simultaneously, executives are charged with protecting customer data and maintain regulatory compliance across a global ecosystem of data.


  • Best practices for developing a multi-layer cyber defense
  • Why and how you should think of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance as two sides of the same coin
  • How the best fintechs engineer security into their code from the beginning to accelerate the sales process down the road

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