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Need Help Getting Approval To Attend?

Download Our Convince Your Boss Template

Money20/20 USA is the place where money does business. You know that. Your work BFF knows that. But how do you convince the one calling the shots aka your boss that sending you is beneficial for your business? You prove ROI and we’re here to help you do that (with a template you can download below).

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Top Points To Make To Your Boss On Why You Need To Attend

1. To Make Deals

You'll experience various high impact networking opportunities and connect with the who's who of fintech, where 1 in 3 attendees are C-suite (CEO, CMO, CFO, COO - you get the jist). In other words, you'll have unmatched reach to top leaders in the industry to get business done at scale.

Just ask Randy Fernando, co-founder of Power, who bought 2 tickets to Money20/20. Year one? He met his lead investor. Year two? He met his acquiring CEO and was purchased by Marqeta for a whopping $275 million.

2. To Build Partnerships

Money20/20 USA provides the premier platform to connect our business with top industry leaders and rising stars, paving the way for new partnerships and snagging those all-important funding rounds.

For example, Ntropy, was able to form a new partnership with Beem, who they met at the event. Or, Airwallex who leveraged the event to reconnect with an investor and secured funding for their Series A investment.

3. To Raise Profile

Our presence at the event offers invaluable exposure of our business to key industry players (7 in 10 of attendees are decision makers).

Heck, that's why Mastercard pulled out all the stops and strategically chose the Money20/20 USA stage to announce their team up with MoonPay.

4. To Make Breakthroughs

Money20/20 USA brings together world-class industry experts from every corner of the money game like Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder & General Partner of a16z, Ali Ghodsi, Co-Founder & CEO, Databricks, and Jelena McWilliams, Managing Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, Former FDIC Chairman.

The sessions will give me actionable insights that'll allow our business to stay ahead of what's next in money AND the competition.

Who Will You Able To Connect With?


The Bottom Line? Money20/20 USA Is Where Money Does Business.

Make the case to your boss on why attending Money20/20 USA is crucial to growing your business with our drafted letter below, just fill in the blanks and feel free to customize as you need!

PLUS: Here's the part your boss will especially appreciate: If you buy a pass by May 3, you’ll save $600 – and you’ll save even more if you book as a team!

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