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convince your boss with this

Money20/20 is regarded as the most important days on the industry’s calendar. We really want to see you there, and we know you want to be there too! But we also know that getting sign-off can be tough and that's why we're sweeping in to help.

Build a strong business case to present to your boss to demonstrate that you’re really going to get a return on your investment of both money and time. Here are a few talking points to help you make your case.

convince your boss with this

Why 2023 is your year for Money20/20 USA?

We're making it easy to answer your boss' most critical questions about attending an in-person event.

1. Experience a revamped show with you in mind.

If you thought our 2022 show was groundbreaking, wait 'till you see what we have in store for 2023. We're looking at the data, running the numbers, and creating the critical tools to help you derive the most value from four days on site in Vegas. Through a series of tools, onsite initiatives, and redesigned expo hall, we’re ensuring impact around every corner and within every conversation.

2. You'll do more business in 4 days than 365 days of Zoom calls.

Is it cheaper to stay home? Sure. But you get what you pay for. Leave behind the Zoom fatigue and connect with the entire fintech community with real face-to-face meetings. From filling a pipeline of qualified leads, to building great partnerships, to building brand recognition, here, there’s a solution for every goal. Ask yourself, can your business really afford to not go?

3. Stay ahead of the curve.

Most fintech pros have an inkling of what trends are on the horizon, but why assume? You’ll hear it here first. This is where fearless leaders come to share and create groundbreaking news. Expect new insights that provide you a roadmap to the most cutting-edge disruptions before they hit the mainstream. Whether you're a fintech pro or an industry newbie, we set the stage for leaders to share their stories, innovative ideas, and unique perspectives with you.

4. It's the only show you need to attend. Period.

Enough said. Check out our ever-growing 2023 attendee list to get a sneak peek of who's already signed up for this years show.

The Bottom Line

The rarity and productivity that stems from face-to-face meetings and connections is now more highly-regarded and irreplaceable than ever.

Are you ready for Money20/20 USA? Sometimes we all need help getting the conversation started. Lucky for you, we’ve already drafted a letter to send to your boss – just fill in the blanks and you’re on your way to Vegas! No need to thank us now, you can tell us in-person, onsite.

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