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The world deserved a new bank and I just wanted to work on delivering something that was really tangibly different.

Anne Boden - CEO & Founder, Starling Bank

Anne Boden is a most unusual banker! She founded Starling Bank in 2014 with a clear goal: to build a bank that would help people manage their money, all from one app. Anne’s vision has brought together a dynamic team of people, determined to revolutionize banking.

Venture Capital is actually not an amazing way to make money, you have to find the Alpha.

Sheel Mohnot - Partner, 500 Startups

Sheel is the founding partner of the 500 Startups FinTech Fund and joins us to discuss how banks and startups alike can unlock the potential of open APIs. He’s invested in over 80 companies and shares the challenges of being a seed investor.

This isn't a time where we need people who are very good at writing long policy papers. We actually need people who can build technology, who are good at iteration...

Martha Lane Fox - Founder, Doteveryone

Serial entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox and Scarlett Sieber discuss the importance of educating policy makers and legislators on the latest digital technologies. Government and regulators are at the heart of this increasingly digital world and we need to recruit the right talent to help them tackle the challenges of the next 5 years.

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Debate Banking's Transformative Future

The banking sector continues to face disruption and pressures as a result of new specialized players, an increase in regulation and the application of game changing technology. Join these pioneering speakers to decode the most transformative opportunities and challenges facing the banking industry right now.

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