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Call for Content Is Now Closed & The Initial Agenda Will Be Announced July 31.


2023: A Reckoning Is On The Horizon

Before we can reach redemption, we must reckon with reality. Regulatory and economic reckoning is unfolding in front of our eyes as the industry works to rebuild trust and find redemption as the boom has slowed.

For 2023, our agenda focuses on stories told through four distinct chapters addressing the very root of what’s happening now and where the industry is going next:

  1. Trust & Uncertainty
  2. Creative Destruction & A Technological Renaissance
  3. Age of Fundamentals
  4. It’s Time to Build (Utility)

See what’s on the horizon for 2023 in the full story below.

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The Call Has Been Made...

Our speaker and session search has begun to find this year’s most industry-shaking, headline-driving insights. This is your chance to inspire, educate, and share new ideas with an audience that is yearning to soak up all the learnings and make waves in the future of money.

Call for Content Is Now Closed & The Initial Agenda Will Launch July 31

Timeline To The Spotlight

Before you pick up the microphone, pencil some key dates in your schedule:

US23 C4C Timeline

Why Money20/20 USA?

Money20/20’s 350+ speakers are industry leaders and innovators from a broad cross-section of companies, ranging from established fintech, banking, payments and tech titans to startup disruptors. Your captivated audience includes:

7 in 10
Are Decision Makers
Registers As Media & Analysts
Hours of Critical Content
17 mill+
Media Impressions

The Secret Sauce To Getting In

In 2022, we received 1,400+ submissions and accepted just over 7% after they were reviewed and refined. There’s no secret recipe for submission selection and our Content team doesn’t enjoy being the agenda overlords… okay, maybe a little.

We have no desire to keep you in the dark since, hey, we like you and want you to bring it. We’re a show built by the industry, for the industry, so at the end of the day, will our community be better for it? Here are some tips and tricks as we evaluate every submission on their merits:

  • Add value to the industry in a time we need it the most.
  • Tell us a unique story that only you can share.
  • Inspire the masses to make us remember why this industry is so [beeping] good and pushes the world of money forward.
  • Collaborate with us to maximize your story's potential.

A good rule of thumb, that Content Director Zach Anderson Pettet is fond of reciting, is the Steve Martin quote:


It's Not Just What You Say, It's How

Our stage formats are designed to immerse the audience in an unforgettable experience. Pairing the right topic to the right format is all part of the show magic. If you have a fresh format idea you are dying to try, run it by us!

1:1 Interview


Ask Me (Almost) Anything


Live Podcast

5-Minute Rant

Editorial Policies

Submission Form Only

We love connecting with you over email and LinkedIn, but all proposals must be submitted through the online form. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Speaker Consent

All speakers must explicitly consent to their inclusion in all content submissions prior to submission. “I’m sure we can talk them into it if we get accepted” does NOT count as explicit consent.

Diversity & Inclusion

Money20/20 values diversity of all kinds. It’s not just about male/female balance. We’re looking for true diversity in every vein. If you submit a panel, make sure it’s a good blend of diversity in gender, representation, and ideas. C’mon - it’s 2023.

Speaker Ticket

If you receive an approval/ offer to speak, our logistics team will provide you with a link to purchase your ticket at the discounted rate of $2,299. If your approved submission includes additional speakers, the organizer will be responsible for securing their participation and ensuring their costs associated with their attendance are covered, including their subsidized ticket.

Submission Acceptance

All proposals will receive a response by August 16, 2023. If your proposal is accepted, a member of the Content team will contact you with an initial offer of a session and/or speaking slot. Spaces are limited and you may be offered a different slot than you initially applied for. The Content team will require direct contact with the proposed speaker(s) before final confirmation.

Multiple Submissions

Companies can submit as many times as they like. We book speakers, not companies. But we will guard against any single company being overrepresented.

Speaker Cancellations

Money20/20 reserves the right to cancel the speaking slot entirely if the proposed speaker(s) can no longer keep their engagement.

Speaker Changes

Any changes in speakers must be approved by The Content Team BEFORE an offer is extended to a proposed replacement. Money20/20 reserves the right to cancel speakers that have not been approved by the Content team.

Changes to Session Content

Money20/20 reserves the right to cancel a session if the organizer is not able to deliver the original concept and speaker(s) listed in the proposal and/or misses key deadlines.

USA Content Team

For any additional questions regarding speaking at Money20/20 USA and our call for content and moderator process, please reach out to contentusa@money2020.com.

Zach Anderson Pettet

Content Director, USA


Kelsey Blair

Content Lead, USA


Samantha Kayne

Content Operations Lead