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"2022 will center on the user. We'll see a concerted focus on meeting users' needs. As a result, it will be less about the technology and more about using it to solve real problems. Applications will be built with a focus on simplicity, ease of use, and in-context education. Because of this we'll see growth in all directions — better UI, more bright minds joining the industry, smarter policymaking — all leading to more adoption and mainstream use cases."

Denelle Dixon

CEO & Executive Director

Stellar Development Foundation

"Two trends will gain significant attention and allocation of resources. First, the quantity and strictness of data privacy regulations will increase, requiring enterprises to maintain a balance between pushing progress and managing risk. Second, there will be widespread adoption of Privacy Enhancing Computation (PEC) techniques to allow fintechs and large FIs to work together compliantly. "

Riddhiman Das

CEO & Co-Founder


"In 2022, we will see more software businesses offer software for free, and embedded fintech and embedded procurement will emerge as primary revenue models instead. The market size of embedded fintech and procurement is many multiples larger than the market size of recurring software. The expense management companies (Brex, Ramp, Divvy) were among the first to do this at scale, but many others will soon follow."

Merritt Hummer


Bain Capital Ventures

"We’ll see “skeleton key” APIs, or APIs that offer “one to many” solutions, emerge as winners. This is because fintechs/FIs will seek ways to cut down on excessive engineering resources that are required to integrate and maintain hundreds of single-solution APIs. "

Kurtis Lin

Founder & CEO


"Rising hostility to the fintech sector in Washington will lead to heightened regulatory scrutiny of the partner banking model, and potentially to one or more public enforcement actions against leading partner banks, focused specifically on the quality of risk management in their provision of BaaS."

Michele Alt

Partner & Co-Founder

Klaros Group

"In 2022, we'll all learn just how far the OCC's promise to "level up" fintech and banking will go. Will "bank-as-a-service" partnerships be under attack? For most fintechs, "bank-as-a-service" partnerships with their partner banks are literally mission-critical. "

Caitlin Long

Founder & CEO

Avanti Bank

"2021 was about the retail investor making their voices heard. The world heard them, and 2022 is all about the sophistication of the retail investor. Finfluencer analysis, easy commerce integrations, tax / wealth advisory, and organization tools for retail investors (DAOs) will all become the norm. "

Mercedes Bent


Lightspeed Ventures

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