Make it to Vegas

Get approval & register with confidence

Money20/20 is regarded as the most important days on the industry’s calendar. We really want to see you there, and we know you want to be there too! We also know that getting sign-off can be tough (especially following a crazy year like 2020 and conservative corporate travel restrictions.)

Now, you’ll need a strong business case to present to your boss to demonstrate that you’re really going to get a return on your investment of both money and time - and be safe while doing it. We're here to help.

Why 2021 is your year for Money20/20

We're making it easy to answer your boss' most critical questions about attending an in-person event.

1. We're committed to your health & safety

As Las Vegas is now fully open for business 🙌 , we will be following the state-recommended guidelines. We will have an update as to our vaccination policy, social distancing policies, and mask policies as we get closer to the event.

You can read more about our full safety plan here.

2. You can buy with confidence

What happens if there’s a Covid-imposed cancellation? We have your back.

If you buy your pass from now, we’ll refund 100% of your pass upon cancellation - no questions asked. But yes, we will be sad to see you go 😞

Flexible booking applies to sponsorship as well. Please contact our sponsorship team for details or questions.

3. Experience a revamped show with you in mind

We’re coming back better and smarter than ever. We took the past year to look at the data, run the numbers, and create the critical tools to help you derive the most value from four days on site in Vegas. Through a series of tools, onsite initiatives, and redesigned expo hall, we’re ensuring impact around every corner and within every conversation.

4. You'll do more business in 4 days than 365 “2020” days

Is it cheaper to stay home? Sure. But you get what you pay for. After a year of replacing your suits for sweats and the “power lunch” for stilted zoom calls, you’ll get a brilliant reminder of what can be achieved when you get the greatest minds together face-to-face.

5. You'll do more business in 4 days than 365 NORMAL days

For nearly 10 years, we’ve been the place that the fintech industry convenes to get business done in a big way. As mentioned earlier, we’re committed to ensuring the impact the industry comes back for year over year. From filling a pipeline of qualified leads, to building great partnerships, to building brand recognition, here, there’s a solution for every goal.

This is fintech’s Superbowl, and we want you to win.

6. It's the only show you need to attend

Enough said. See who’s already in and who you can expect to be alongside.

The bottom line: the rarity and productivity that stems from face-to-face meetings and connections is now more highly-regarded and irreplaceable than ever.

Are you ready for Money20/20? Sometimes we all need help getting the conversation started. Lucky for you, we’ve already drafted a letter to send to your boss – just fill in the blanks and you’re on your way to Vegas! No need to thank us now, you can tell us in-person, onsite.

A Taste of Money20/20