4Stop is the world’s first data and risk marketplace where businesses can instantly solve their risk-based approach through a single API. Managing their fraud defence and an array of data for identity, transaction and compliance verifications regardless of region, market or industry worldwide. Through 4Stop’s solutions businesses onboard merchants and customers while managing risk 7x faster than any other solution.

Our digital world demands data and risk mitigation. There has been substantial engagement growth seen online and covid-19 has further grown these volumes – setting new expectations. Industries globally struggle to keep up managing required data, KYC, risk and compliance at various touchpoints of their merchant or customer journey and life cycle.

4Stop aggregates over 150 data services with 2000+ data sources and advanced proprietary technology to establish a modern end-to-end Know Your Business (KYB), Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and anti-fraud marketplace. Businesses can select exactly what they need, where they need it and apply it instantly into their operations through various implementation methods - a white-labelled experience, the 4Stop cloud platform or the API. Eliminating the need to manage multiple third-party data providers with associated contracts and fees, drain on development resources, time to market or cumbersome processes staying current with regulatory and fraud prevention requirements. 4Stop gives flexibility, agility and future-proofed sustainability from a single integration.

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