The Money20/20 stage is the industry’s most esteemed platform for presenting thought leadership, sharing industry insights and making headline-shaping announcements. In 2018, our agenda content took a fearless and unique perspective on the ways our industry is revolutionizing the future of money.

We created bold, insightful and thought-provoking agenda sessions within each of the 2018 themes. With an unparalleled speaker roster and an expansive set of cutting-edge topics, we delivered the insights needed to revolutionize not only your own business but the entire payments, commerce and financial ecosystem as we know it.

*2018 Video Archive - All Keynotes & Track Sessions are available to attendees in our video archive.

What new technologies and trends are transforming the transfer of value?

The fundamental shift from physical cards, checks and currency to digital payments continues to transform the way consumers and businesses transfer value. Payment systems must work in new contexts, be scalable across markets and integrate with rising tech platforms. Take a closer look at the most impactful new technologies and approaches for moving money, including mobile wallets, P2P and B2B payment systems.

How are open and mobile platforms reinventing money management?

Mobile-first consumers have ignited a revolution in retail banking and personal finance. Open platforms and secure APIs are allowing consumer financial data to be shared with third-party startups who are challenging incumbent banks by providing specialized digital solutions for payments, budgeting, saving and wealth management. Discover banking’s surprising future, powered by new delivery models and balancing emerging competitors with cross-industry collaboration.

What is the next frontier for shopping, buying and selling?

The ways consumers discover, shop and buy any product, service or experience are being dramatically redefined, including omnichannel retail, next generation point-of-sale, social commerce, the on-demand economy and the Internet of Things. Gain valuable insight from both merchants and service providers on emerging commerce models and the financial solutions that will enable them.

How will the financial services industry harness the mind-blowing opportunities—and address the ethical challenges—as the lines blur between humans and robots?

The concept of Artificial Intelligence has existed for decades, but now its applicability has grown to have far-reaching implications for the world around us. Roll up your sleeves as the explorers pushing the boundaries of the technology—top data scientists and industry leaders—elaborate on the latest innovations, such as Deep Learning and Adversarial Networks, and explore how AI can be applied to complex problems in financial services and commerce, today and in the future.

What emerging technologies and approaches have the potential to protect our most critical digital assets from an army of hackers and fraudsters?

The battle against cybercriminals is real and ongoing. The direct and indirect cost of fraud and data breaches is staggering, both for businesses and consumers. How can financial services providers remain on the right side of risk and protect themselves and their customers against bad actors? Learn about the emerging technologies and approaches that are shifting the balance of power to the “white hats” and providing new tools to help mitigate losses and fight financial crime.

What innovative new models are providing consumers and small businesses greater access to credit?

With leading-edge credit scoring models and pioneering marketplaces, non-banks are quickly scaling consumer and business lending, including those customers most underserved by banks. In response, the big banks and tech companies are now also entering the fray. Traverse the compelling but uncertain future of lending, including the competition, collaboration and innovation in the space.

What are the tools, technologies and strategies world-class marketers embrace for acquiring and retaining customers in a digital world?

Buyer behavior is changing—today’s consumers are hyper-connected, on-the-go and have higher expectations for brands than ever before. Customer experience, including great UX design, has become a critical component. More than ever, acquiring and retaining customers is an exercise performed in a digital context. Success requires data-powered insights, CRM systems and tech stacks that can identify the most responsive audiences and optimize the best messages to move them through the purchase funnel. Discover powerful ways to drive demand and increase brand loyalty through real-time personalized payments, banking and e-commerce experiences.

From token sales to digital wallets to smart contracts, how will bits, blocks, coins and ledgers continue to shape the future of money?

Is blockchain the solution to the Internet’s most important problems: privacy, trust, security and inclusion? It already powers digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and is revolutionizing myriads of financial and non-financial transactions. Explore with us the path to blockchain’s adoption and see the future of money, from digital currency to ICOs—it’s winding, treacherous and transformational.

What are the approaches and technologies that will help us to balance consumer protection with disruptive innovation in financial services?

Regulatory compliance, although important for consumer protection, is a hindrance for incumbents and an entry barrier for startups. New product offerings leveraging AI and other technologies are helping to efficiently navigate the complex landscape, and regulators are increasingly collaborating with fintech innovators, but all remain challenged by the dizzying pace. Examine the key developments and their impact on consumers and financial solution providers.

How can we help power a fairer and more inclusive global financial system?

2.5 billion people, 36% of the world’s population, are unbanked. More still are banked but not financially healthy, even in developed markets. More than half of Americans struggle financially, including excess debt, irregular income and sporadic savings habits. Learn how fintech can be used for social good and how Money Revolutionaries are making a measurable impact on people’s lives.

Who will be the biggest winners—and who could get left behind—as fintech crosses geographical borders and new global hubs emerge?

Fintech is a global phenomenon, with hubs of innovation on every continent, reaching from Asia to LATAM, from Europe to Africa and from China to North America. A global marketplace requires financial solutions within and across international borders that are interoperable, fast and cost-effective for all stakeholders. Take a journey with us around the world of financial innovation.

How and when will we finally solve for this most fundamental requirement—to securely authenticate that an individual has permission to complete a specific transaction?

A seamless and secure means to accurately identify each online user is fundamental to payments, commerce and finance, especially in an increasingly digital economy. Identity thieves stole $16 billion from U.S. consumers in 2017 and almost 20 percent of financially excluded adults globally are denied access because they lack the legal documents to prove their identity. Learn how biometrics and other technologies are helping to authenticate consumers, secure and streamline transactions and provide greater access to the financial system.

Only the most transformative ideas live here—are you ready for the money revolution?

You say you want a money revolution? Held at the Avant-Garde stage, this track will feature some of our agenda’s most disruptive, thought-provoking and cutting-edge ideas on the future of financial technology. Content in this track is not restricted to a particular thematic topic and  we strongly encourage creative presentation formats that take full advantage of the unique in-the-round staging.

What revolutionary things are the movers and shakers doing to disrupt banking, payments and finance?

It’s a fast and furious fintech world, and sprinting down this agenda track brings you both the news and the views! In the morning, catch the latest breaking news – from powerful partnerships to new product launches – that will disrupt fintech as we know it. Then, in the afternoon, engage in a series of candid fireside chats spotlighting senior execs from banks and fintechs sharing their views on the money revolution.

The most revolutionary startups will make their pitch, but who will reach the finals?

Expanded and enhanced for 2018, Startup Pitch will feature passionate pitches from fearless founders of the most revolutionary fintech startups. Watch as they present their businesses and compete for cash prizes and a coveted spot in the final pitch-off on the main keynote stage. The action is fast-paced, interactive and fun, as judges from leading VC firms and audience voting determine the winners.